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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Oakland maybe, but their GM has a philsophy of always playing for the next few years down the road, so unless the best 3 pitchers in the league simultaneously fall in his lap again, I'm not holding my breath.

The Royals and Pirates, for as "great" as their farm system is, only develop a handful of good MLB players. Between the two, over the last few years, we have Zack Greinke (looking like, perhaps, a flash in the pan) and Andrew McCutchen. Wowzers.
To use an old analogy. It appears the Sox are fairly bad at getting players from point A to point B but you give them a high grade point B talent and they can get them to point C fairly quickly.

And I again want to add that I have been more and more impressed with the people being called up from AAA to fill a roster spot temporarily. This goes back to last season for me, but this year alone, Threets, Lillibridge, Lucy and even Viciedo have come up and contributed in a need situation. Even Hudson now appears to be giving solid innings to his new major league club. Given that as recently as 2008 a call to the minors due to injury or other need made me want to hang my head, cross my fingers, toes and eyes hoping the kid wouldn't completely crap the bed the last two years have been a breath of fresh air. I don't know what they are doing differently, but man it's working or at least paying dividends in terms of bench players who can fill a need in an emergency. So, IMO something has changed for the better.

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