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Originally Posted by cws05champ View Post
Also, our international scouting and signings have been non-existent over the last few years, outside of the Cuban connection. If they're not going to draft and sign the talented, but hard to sign guys and get their act together in International scouting, they won't fully turn this ship around.

As long as we have a competitive team at the major league level though I have no problem with KW's strategy to use minor league depth to acquire ML players. I just hope they identify the correct guys to keep (Beckham, Sale etc) that will be good long term.
I completely agree with you that KW is good at using his minor league system for acquiring good MLB talent, and I have no problem with that at all. But hes also extremely handcuffed with the deals he can make because of how thin our system is. Im not saying we have to draft the most expensive guys in the draft every round, but at least make an effort to get a guy with some legit potential. Seems like we are so content in drafting that 22 year old college pitcher that has the ceiling of middle reliever at best. Theres really no reason for it all either. The Rays, Twins, Marlins, Padres and others all have lower payrolls than us and seem to be able to develop tons of talent. Yet we cant do a damn thing in the draft besides draft 22 year olds that seem to sit in A or AA til their 26. Very frustrating to think of how much the draft and player development holds this entire franchise back.
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