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Originally Posted by tm1119 View Post
The latter half of your statement is the main
reason. We really haven't given up that much legit talent by way of trade to warrant having this bare of a system.
It's a factor but a very small 1. The main reason is drafting safe and easy to sign college players with no potential at all. Until management shows the willingness to pay and take the time to develop prospects our system is going to suck. If you notice almost every legit prospect we get is on a rush course to the majors. Beckham, Jor. Danks, sale, dayan, poreda, hudson to name them off the top of my head. No development time at all.
Also, our international scouting and signings have been non-existent over the last few years, outside of the Cuban connection. If they're not going to draft and sign the talented, but hard to sign guys and get their act together in International scouting, they won't fully turn this ship around.

As long as we have a competitive team at the major league level though I have no problem with KW's strategy to use minor league depth to acquire ML players. I just hope they identify the correct guys to keep (Beckham, Sale etc) that will be good long term.
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