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Originally Posted by tm1119 View Post
I fully understand that, and I admittedly haven't seen him catch at all so Im basing this completely what I have read recently. I know Merkin has said that he feels Flowers can be a league average defender. As has John Sickles. Which should be fine if he can hit 25 hrs and get on base at a good rate as he has shown in the minors.
The question is, will his power hold up in the pros? If he is striking out over 1/3 of the time he bats in AAA, that will get worse when he starts facing the pitchers a tier above anything he's ever faced and they'll quickly figure out what he can and can't hit and he'll stop seeing the stuff he can and then things will get bad. In AAA Torres is a #2 pitcher. He probably won't ever be anything but long relief in the majors if that.

I hope Flowers can get it together, but expecting it and then penning (not penciling - because if you make that decision, you're stuck with it, no do overs) him in as the starter next year could be a mistake of epic proportions. More so given how much the Sox are going to be relying on their pitching to win these next 3 years...

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