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Originally Posted by KRS1 View Post
Man, I swear you'd be happy with elite defense on a .100 hitter behind the plate. I too wore the tools the vast majority of my time playing all the way through high school and a couple years of rec league, but the game just doesn't value defense enough behind the plate to make up for crap hitting anymore. I'll say one thing about Tyler, this camp his pop and fire down to second was unbelievably better than what I saw from his AFL and previous Spring. Not 1.6 good, but more than adequate and he's throwing out a hair under half of all base stealers this season, so... Not much in the mobility or positioning department, but he seems smart enough to grow his awareness there. Average defense means a lot more than it used to, maybe not how we would have it, but it is what it is and in a league where every position now values the bat over the glove, you go with the flow or risk getting stomped out with the dinosaurs. Kids these days are too protected to develop behind the plate like they used to, and good D + a good bat are needles in a haystack.
He doesn't call his own game like Daver did in high school! Flowers suxxxx!!!
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