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Originally Posted by tm1119 View Post
We have AJ's successor in Flowers already, and Floyd, Danks, Peavy, and Buehrle are all under team control for the next few years with Hudson being a strong candidate as well. I have a strong feeling that at least 1 of Dayan or Morel will be traded at the deadline. Not for a rental though, not Kenny's style. I'm hoping for a surprise trade that brings us a good OF under contract for at least a little while. Dayan, Morel, and Jor. Danks could net us a pretty good arb. eligible player that a non contending team doesnt want to pay.
You sure about that? I mean the guy's showing some pop with a .482 slg in AAA but he's also hitting .232 with 95 K's in less than 300 PA...

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