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Originally Posted by Coops4Aces View Post
Come on. Many many people have a sophomore slump, that's why there is a term for it. Beckham will be fine IMO and nothing that has happened to him has any bearing on Sale.
True but you can tell he's pressing himself too much. I'm worried he may never recover from his slump and will lose his natural hitting groove forever. Beckham is one talented dude but he seems mentally weak right now. Also, sophmore slump is a myth but I digress.

Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
I don't know about this.

If the guy is up for AAA competition, there's no reason for him to go to AA to pad his stats and make him and the team feel he's better than he is.

I'd rather see him get challenged at AAA. If he falters, starting in AA it is. If not, he may be ready for the Show.
Well I'm not a big fan of a prospect skipping a minor league level but in Sale's case, I don't mind it much since he is a polished college arm afterall. My main concern is with him being rushed to the big league which, as countless AAAA players have proven, is a drastic jump in talent level. He will join the team in the pen this year and I'm fine with that. What concerns me is that they are planning to have him join the rotation next year if all goes well and that's seriously concerning. Let the kid get a taste of a full season of minor league before deciding whether or not he should start for your team.

Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
I doubt that Sale being a SP next year set in stone either. Jenks and Thornton are FAs at the end of next season, Putz is a FA this season. He's working with Thigpen, sounds to me like he's being groomed to close.

I could easily see him setting up and/or closing ballgames with the big club before the end of next year. That may annoy certain people that think using a high draft pick pitcher as a closer is wasteful, but if he can help the club and solidify the position for the next 5 years, then why not?
You just don't waste a talent like Sale to be your bullpen arm. He's got a good command and three usable pitches. That has the makings of a solid starter not a closer. I'd think the Sox will have Santos close before even thinking about giving Sale a bullpen job let alone close. Now, if Sale shows health concerns, perhaps a move to the pen is the best move for him but otherwise, he has to be a starter. I just don't think this farm system would get any better by drafting based on needs. Besides, last time the Sox drafted a reliever in the first round, we missed out on a good starting pitcher.
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