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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
I don't know about this.

If the guy is up for AAA competition, there's no reason for him to go to AA to pad his stats and make him and the team feel he's better than he is.

I'd rather see him get challenged at AAA. If he falters, starting in AA it is. If not, he may be ready for the Show.

I doubt that Sale being a SP next year set in stone either. Jenks and Thornton are FAs at the end of next season, Putz is a FA this season. He's working with Thigpen, sounds to me like he's being groomed to close.

I could easily see him setting up and/or closing ballgames with the big club before the end of next year. That may annoy certain people that think using a high draft pick pitcher as a closer is wasteful, but if he can help the club and solidify the position for the next 5 years, then why not?
I assure you his long-term role isn't in the bullpen.
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