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Originally Posted by Pablo_Honey View Post
I somewhat agree that some guys can afford to skip some levels of the minors, but minors aren't there just to prepare guys physically. It allows guys to prepare themselves mentally for the Show. If all the guy's ever experienced is success before getting called up, he is going to hit the wall hard and have trouble recovering from it (See: Gordon Beckham). The Sox as an organization has done a ****ty job at developing prospects and part of it has to do with occasionally rushing guys before giving them proper seasoning down in the minors. Where has that gotten the Sox?

I've been thinking more and more about the whole Sale thing and I'm starting to become weary of it. This just screams cheap all over and it looks like they exploited Sale's desire to play in the Show to get a discount without even thinking about long-term consequences. Hopefully they make him stay down in the minors until he is deemed ready and not bring him up just because they promised to bring him up.
Come on. Many many people have a sophomore slump, that's why there is a term for it. Beckham will be fine IMO and nothing that has happened to him has any bearing on Sale.
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