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Originally Posted by rdivaldi View Post
Isn't that first part kind of a guess on your part? I haven't gotten any video of his appearances in W/S, so there's no way to know for sure whether or not he was having an easy go of it.

Skipping AA is not that big of a deal, often there are more talented players in AA than AAA. Also, I can't imagine that the org. would risk hurting this guys arm after just giving him over a million dollars. The Sox do have a pretty good history of keeping their pitchers injury free, so I'm going to trust that they have an idea of how to acclimate Sale to the bullpen with no problems.
Yes, it is a guess on my half on his appearances at W/S...that was part of my point, I don't know if he was overmatching guys or not because we can not tell from stats in 4 IP and there's no video.

And I know that there some of the top prospects in the game are at AA, but then why would they skip him over AA. AAA has some top prospects and some AAAA types that have seen ML pitching before.

There are exceptions to the norm of players following a progression through the system, and maybe he will be one of them. I hope he will be and will succeed early on.

I don't think every guy needs to go through the same progression through the minors, but the system is set up that way for a reason. My whole point is moving a guy up 2 levels(to one step away from the majors) after 4 IP in Pro baseball seems a bit drastic. I hope he does well and helps us down the stretch.
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