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Originally Posted by cws05champ View Post
There is a reason there are different levels of minor league baseball, to develop talent as it matures against similar or better competition. If he was simply overmatching High A hitters, that's fine. But I don't know why they would skip AA Birmingham and go to a band box in AAA after only 4 IP when he is still probably getting his body used to relieving again (which he hasn't done in 2 years). There is a big difference between pitching at Florida Gulf Coast college in front of a couple thousand people and pitching in the majors in front of 35-40K.
Isn't that first part kind of a guess on your part? I haven't gotten any video of his appearances in W/S, so there's no way to know for sure whether or not he was having an easy go of it.

Skipping AA is not that big of a deal, often there are more talented players in AA than AAA. Also, I can't imagine that the org. would risk hurting this guys arm after just giving him over a million dollars. The Sox do have a pretty good history of keeping their pitchers injury free, so I'm going to trust that they have an idea of how to acclimate Sale to the bullpen with no problems.
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