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Originally Posted by Lillian View Post
The Hell with August. Bring him up!!!!!!

Seriously, the quicker the better. Since there appears to be some concern about his motion, just let him be the LOOGY for the rest of this year.
That wouldn't give him enough innings to damage his arm, no matter how bad his mechanics might be.
The funky motion might make him really hard to hit, if he isn't over exposed.
He's supposed to have really good control, and two plus Big League pitches. That just might work as a LOOGY.

He wanted a chance to get to the Majors this year, so I say give it to him. Apparently, he has plenty of self confidence.
If he flops, then there is always "plan B". Let him go down to the Minors and prepare to be a starter next year.
The Sox will have fulfilled their obligation to give him a shot at the Majors this year.

It looks like a win - win situation to me.
This x 100000

I would guess he would do much better than Williams as a LOOGY and maybe he could also eat some innings if a starter has a rough outing. We don't have a real long man.
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