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Originally Posted by JermaineDye05 View Post
Would Mitchell have been considered the top prospect still if he hadn't injured himself?
It would likely depend upon his performance. While still a great prospect, it hurts that someone as raw as he is has lost a season of development time. There are also questions about how the injury might effect the speed portion of his game. Supposedly it shouldn't hamper him at all, but I will wait to see the performance results.

I have no qualms with Sale being named the top prospect. I think he ekes out Hudson because he is a lefty and has a slightly higher ceiling. Hudson's peripherals have been fantastic this year though, and I can see why some would have him higher than Sale.

Edit: And I don't buy Dayan the top prospect (yet). He is a decent prospect but he still has plenty of warts. His defensive value is null, he doesn't take walks, and his bat has to be pretty special at 1B.

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