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Originally Posted by DirtySox View Post
I don't buy the bat potential or the plate discipline. I think his ceiling is as a bit above average corner OF.

I think the situation at 13 sucks. Laumann described the position as no-man's land. Since the Sox limit themselves primarily to cheap college pitchers and college position players, options are limited. A bunch of middle of the rotation starter types if things pan out, or a few underwhelming college bats.

I will be pretty indifferent if any of the college pitchers or Brentz are picked. This draft class is very underwhelming.
Right, the middle of the draft, and even late in the round for that matter, is so tough. Next year's draft will be very important for us (barring some remarkable turnaround). Like the Beckham draft, picking in the top 10 gives you far and away better choices than the middle of the pack.
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