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Originally Posted by EMachine10 View Post
The more I think about it, the more I may want the Sox to seriously consider taking Bentz. I like Wimmers and McGuire, but hopefully the Sox can nab a few pitchers in the early rounds like they did last year. Brentz really does intrigue me.
I don't buy the bat potential or the plate discipline. I think his ceiling is as a bit above average corner OF.

I think the situation at 13 sucks. Laumann described the position as no-man's land. Since the Sox limit themselves primarily to cheap college pitchers and college position players, options are limited. A bunch of middle of the rotation starter types if things pan out, or a few underwhelming college bats.

I will be pretty indifferent if any of the college pitchers or Brentz are picked. This draft class is very underwhelming.

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