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Originally Posted by eastchicagosoxfan View Post
With two no's, how is there are a maybe? If the sox get on the right track, how long will it take to develop a sound farm system? Three drafts? Four drafts? Thank you for your answers.
It's a maybe because there is still quite a bit of uncertainty. Though with the track record of failure in developing talent, the below average spending on the draft, international free agency and scouting, I would be inclined to lean towards no as Daver said. Monday and Tuesday will likely offer a big indication of what direction the organization is going. With the abysmal state of the farm and a bad major league club with no reinforcements in sight, maybe a change in philosophy is on the horizon. I seriously doubt it, but there is a chance. If draft spending is cut this year because of a decline in revenue due to the White Sox failure at the big league level, things will look even more bleak.
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