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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
Easy, ace. It was your question, not futuresox. I didn't dispute that futuresox believes that he grades out that way...

Randa was suckingly mediocre.
Actually, I made a statement of what futuresox said, not what I said. For your [re-]reading pleasure:

"On, you've been compared to Joe Randa. To whom would you compare your game? After whom do you model your game?"

See, the bolded part is called, "a statement" in English.

Therefore, "ace," you can [again] take it up THEIR OPINION of Morel with them [including JeffB, who posts here], not me.

My questions would ask Morel to whom he would compare himself and/or after whom he would model his game. Now, had I asked this question:

"Brent, you remind me of Joe Randa. Do you compare yourself to Joe Randa?"

You could THEN suggest that I'm insulting the kid. But here's the rub: I didn't ask him that. Try reading the previous post again, and then you can run your pie hole about someone else's opinion [again, not mine] as much as you want.

See, reading is a skill, "ace."

And Joe Randa would be an IMMENSE improvement over the piles of crap that have been scooped up and thrown out @ 3rd base ever since Crede left.

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