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I might ask him:

1. What have the coaches stressed for you to work on since you've been with the SOX organization?

2. On, you've been compared to Joe Randa. To whom would you compare your game? After whom do you model your game?

3. In your time in the White Sox organization, who among your peers has impressed you as a player?

4. In your time in the White Sox organization, who among the coaches has taught you the most, and how has it impacted your game?

5. What have the SOX organization told you to work on, so as to enable you to continue to progress to MLB?

6. Ozzie Guillen, Buddy Bell, and Kenny Williams are always stressing the "fundamentals of baseball" in their interactions with the media and the fans. In what way has that manifested itself in your time with the organization? How do they stress the fundamentals?

[I'll probably have a few more questions later...]

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