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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
In response to a couple of posters expressing excitement that he could step into the rotation soon, even with the ability to provide more than Peavy, I wrote that the line didn't indicate any such thing. I didn't indicate I believed he did not have potential to be a very good pitcher.

If he were both dominating and major league ready, you would expect him to go more than six innings. I might be wrong, but I would hate to think the White Sox system is developing starting pitchers to only go six innings. At the major league level, Sox starters should be going more than six innings. Minor league starters who are major league ready should be going more than six innings when they aren't facing major league lineups.

But that may be a complaint about pitcher development. I think John Danks would have come up as a better major league pitcher if he had thrown a few complete games in the minors. It relates to stamina and mindset. Jim Parque actually believed his job was to go five innings.
How can you keep writing this many paragraphs on one start, which happened to be his first of the season?
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