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Originally Posted by DirtySox View Post
His AAA production will be quite telling, but I'm not going to hold my breath the he amounts to anything more than a solid regular with his value heavily weighed towards his defensive performance. I will eat 5 hats if he becomes anything close to a middle of the order hitter.
Where did I say he would become a middle of the order hitter? I said I didn't see anything of concern in his stats to this point to be all worked up about or that would indicate he is already pigeon-holed into some order in the lineup. Based on his limited experience he could still end up anywhere from a 2 hitter to a 9 hitter or anything in between (including middle of the order) based on his actual production. and 150K per season isn't a huge concern if you're posting .950 OPS numbers.

Yes, the AFL is a good hitter's league, blah blah blah. Danks was at the end of his first professional (injury plagued) season when he put up those numbers. Not like he's been around for years playing in AA or AAA. That's why it is of important note if you can take your head out of a stat report long enough to take his individual situation into consideration.
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