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Originally Posted by Randar68 View Post
But my point is that a leadoff man hasn't seemingly been that important to this team (at least based on the GM's actions) since One Dog. I tend to disagree, but in terms of OBP we haven't had a good one in forever! Given all the moves KW has made, if it was a higher priority he would have tried to shore that position up long term several times over by now.

Agree than Jordan isn't a lead-off guy, but what k-rate can anyone be basing this assertion on? Kid put up a .934 OPS in 32 games in his first high A action to start his first full pro season and then struggled to play 73 injury plagued games in AA and had a good start there before the injuries hit him. Then he finished his first full pro season with a .962 OPS in the AFL. Yes, he has averaged 1 K per game in that one full season, but that is impressive no matter how you slice the K's.

If he even approaches those numbers in AAA as he did the AFL people will be falling over themselves as him being the next great middle of the order CF'er. Not saying he is, but the K-rate concern is a bit overblown here given his single pro season under his belt and the rate he has moved along.
His BABIP in High A was .417

The AFL is a notorious hitter's league.

Jordan has a long loopy swing and almost all the scouting reports note that he needs to shorten it otherwise he will continue to K at a high rate. It is a very legitimate concern. His power is also quite questionable.

His AAA production will be quite telling, but I'm not going to hold my breath the he amounts to anything more than a solid regular with his value heavily weighed towards his defensive performance. I will eat 5 hats if he becomes anything close to a middle of the order hitter.
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