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Originally Posted by khan View Post
It is for these three reasons that Danks looks like trade bait to me. Granted, a lot can happen in a matter of a few weeks/months/seasons. But in looking at the system and at the big club TODAY, he doesn't look to have a fit with this team, IMO.
Fair enough. I just feel they have heaped unprecedented praise on him and moved him at a pace I have rarely seen them use with a position prospect. Given that and the secondary reasons (brother, and other OF options being short-term stop-gaps in Pierre and Jones), I feel they will be extremely hesitant to trade him. KW is a wheeler and dealer, but he does fall in love with guys at times. He may be right and he may be wrong, but with the dearth of position prospects I feel they will hang on to him at all costs short of landing a long-term solution like a Carl Crawford or similar.
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