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Originally Posted by Randar68 View Post
Beckham has shown he can play either 2B or 3B, so there is no reason a future leadoff hitter won't be at 2B. Rios can also play RF or LF at a high level, so I don't think it's an obvious assumption that precludes a future leadoff man in CF.
Sure. The future leadoff man could come from virtually any position. And it is entirely possible that KW wheels/deals to find other pieces that could change the current calculus.

But [right now] there isn't another solution at 2B in the system that is also a leadoff man. There isn't another solution at SS or at 3B that are leadoff men. So, moving Beckham [again], so as to accomodate a 2B/leadoff man, particularly when KW signed Teahen for the next 3 seasons, seems unlikely.

The problem SPECIFICALLY with Danks remaining in this roster are three-fold:

1. He's an OFer on a club with at least 2 OF spots already solidified/occupied for the foreseeable future.
2. The one OFer without a foreseeable future in the team [due to age] is also the leadoff man in the lineup.
3. Danks will not be a leadoff man when he comes to MLB. He does NOT project to be a leadoff man; He projects to be a #2 hitter.

It is for these three reasons that Danks looks like trade bait to me. Granted, a lot can happen in a matter of a few weeks/months/seasons. But in looking at the system and at the big club TODAY, he doesn't look to have a fit with this team, IMO.

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