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Originally Posted by DirtySox View Post
Everyone is crazy about the videogame like numbers he put up last year, but the fact that he is playing against rather mediocre competition needs to be taken into consideration. From what I've read there are some questions about his makeup and his coachability.

I think he's more of a middle to late first round pick, and he needs to put up similar numbers to last years line of .465/.535/.930 for him to go early first round. It's entirely possible he's drafted earlier though, especially since this year's crop of college hitters is really weak. A team that buys into his bat and is lacking some OF depth could probably nab him for slot early on allowing them to spend more on later round picks. (See Pirates/Orioles of last year)

I do like the guy, partly due to his gaudy numbers and the oft mentioned Nick Markakis comp. I really would be surprised if we draft someone other than a pitcher with our 1st round pick though.

Here is a somewhat dated scouting report, and some video clips.

Also one here.
Thanks for the info! I know your usually the resident WSI guru on the draft and prospects. I actually selected this guy in the WSI Dynasty Minor League draft a few weeks ago and I wanted to hear some other opinions.
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