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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
Yes, every team hypes their prospects.

But the Tribune - the Cubs' "house organ" and corporate partner until very recently (and old habits die hard) - has proliferated pro-Cubs prospect propaganda to its readers for years. And the lazy lemminglike sports media aggregates, echoes and amplifies what's already out there.

Consequently, Cubs prospects get more hype than almost all other teams' prospects.
You bring up a good point about sports media. The hype to me depends on where one gets their sports info/news. If from the Trib or local sportsblab radio [or, to a lesser extent, ESPN], then yes I'd say Cubs prospects are way overhyped. But in terms of national, more specialized baseball publications and the like, I don't think they're any more hyped than any other team's prospects. Right now, to me the most hyped [without passing judgment on whether that hyped is 'deserved'] prospects would be Strasburg and Jason Heyward.
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