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Originally Posted by soltrain21 View Post
Every broadcaster is for their team. What's your point?
Originally Posted by oeo View Post
Kasper is a Cubs ass kissing moron.
Originally Posted by veeter View Post
The other day Len Casper said the cubs NEVER over hype their prospects. Uh Len, the cubs wrote the book on the subject. Yes, most organizations hype their prospects, but they do it to make trades. The cubs do it, to do it. Hendry is scared to death to part with his 'untouchables'. For me, I WOULD be surprised if Castro did turn out to be a solid regular for many years to come.
Kasper really said the Cubbies never hype their prospects? If he said that he's got amnesia.

Bobby Hill? Hee Sop Choi? Dave Kelton? Beanball Ben Christensen? Felix Pie? Corey Patterson?

These guys were hyped up the wazoo. Now before someone says that it wasn't the Cubbies it was "scouts" be honest and admit that the Cubbies were behind the hyping. When you have Cubune employees hyping them the Cubbie brass bear responsibility.

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