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Originally Posted by BoKnowsBest View Post
I think that the sample size for Mitchell is still far too small to really be able to make that comparison. Give it a handful of games and that SB/AB can change radically.

Nobody's arguing that he doesn't have the tools to become a great base stealer, just that at this point in his development he's not worth calling up to be a base stealing specialist at the end of the year. They'd be better off having De Aza in that role cause they don't have to worry about his arbitration clock starting with the call up, he's got a little more experience, and he's incredibly quick as well
I agree it is a small sample size and to seize on it and exclaim that Mitchell has no skills for base stealing is ridiculous. 35 games is a small sample size, true. If in those mere 35 games he'd stolen 35 bases I would argue that it would be too soon to proclaim him the next Ricky Henderson.

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