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No way is he a call up this year. Heck, Jordan Danks may not taste much of the bigs this year. Mitchell is a project. IF WE RUSH HIM, WE WILL LOSE HIM. He is not a Gordon Beckham prospect, or even a Jordan Danks prospect, that has the defined skill to rise fast. He is a prospect who has 5 good tools and has to learn how to use them. In a way, the White Sox are working on breaking him down to build him back up. For his size, the kid had no idea how to square up a ball, hence the lack of power in College. However, he has the chance to hit 35-40 doubles AND 20-30 homers if he can hone in his power.

This kid has a chance to be really good. But he is still really raw. ZERO POINT in rushing him and hurting his development. All we need is him to come up still as a high strike out hitter, strike out the bulk of 15-20 at bats and mess with his confidence.
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