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Default Re: Torriiiiiiiiiiii

Originally posted by Jurr
Torii Hunter....asked if they can put away the White Sox...."It starts tonight"...."we're hungry...we should've come out and won the World Series, and we want a shot at getting back."

He made a point I totally agree with. Shannon Stewart should be the AL MVP. He made the biggest difference down the stretch on any team. I watched the Twins almost every game the second half ( as I watched Sox games) and he came up huge all the time.
For a wonderful explanation (from a Twins fan, no less) of why Shannon Stewart should not even be considered for MVP, please go to and check out Tuesday's entry. A sampling...

Shannon Stewart has been a very good hitter since joining the Twins and he was a good hitter for the Blue Jays this year too. Overall, here are his numbers:
.312 .367 .468 69 83

Those numbers are right around his career-totals of .304/.369/.449. Is .312/.367/.468 solid production from a corner outfielder? Absolutely. Is it anywhere close to an MVP season? No freaking way.

Stewart ranks 22nd in the American League in on-base percentage, 29th in slugging percentage and 29th in OPS (on-base % + slugging %). He's also 23rd in runs scored and 47th in RBIs. For those of you into "Win Shares," Stewart currently ranks 45th in the American League.
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