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Originally Posted by Nutriaitch View Post
don't know if you catch CSS (Comcast Sports Southeast), but a few of his starts will be broadcast by them. Let me know if you catch that channel, and I'll forward that schedule to you.

P.S. apologies if i came off like an @$$ in my 1st post in this thread. wasn't my intentions at all, but after re-reading it, I can see where it might sound like it.
My only options for college baseball are ESPNU/Big Ten Network at the moment. Not entirely sure what will be broadcast on ESPNU this year, but if something significant is on tap I usually find out in advance. The only Big Ten prospects that interest me are Alex Wimmers of course, Seth Rosin, and Mike Kvasnicka. As far as other LSU prospects go, I'd like to see more of Gibbs, Landry, and to a lesser extent Blake Dean.

No worries. I'm more of a prospect/draft guy than someone who has a rooting interest in college baseball. I hadn't even looked at Ranaudo's workload from last year and would have no idea if it qualified as overworked or not. I was just regurgitating information that BA/BP/etc had fed me.
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