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Originally Posted by DirtySox View Post
I'm not sure which start I saw, but there was a universal assessment that he didn't look as good as he had in the past, and many viewers were questioning why. Many scouting services were attributing it to fatigue. Nothing to get upset about really. I think he's going to be the number 2 or 3 pick this summer (barring significant injury), I just hope to see him pitch at his best sometime this year, because the start I saw was underwhelming which quite obviously was an outlier. Unfortunately it's not easy to catch college baseball, especially in my neck of the woods.
if it was a rough outing, it was probably LSU's opener at the College World Series last year. He definitely struggled with that one.
Don't really have an answer as to why, but i personally don't think it was fatigue.

You should be able to watch him on April 23rd at 7 (central time) on ESPNU.
LSU vs Ole Miss.
should be Ranaudo vs Pomeranz since both guys are the Friday starter for their teams.
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