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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
Good breakdown.

An example that is seen is Rick Porcello. Boras Client, was known to be a tough sign. He didn't go in the top 10 as projected. You would think that would mean he would go 11-12-13. But Boras told teams if you want him, you pay him like a top 10 pick.

So then you have a team like Detroit towards the bottom of round 1. They see players who are far lesser talents and will sign for the chance to play. They also see this kid who has the talent of one of the top 10 players in the draft but it will cost them a ton of money. It isn't like the NFL where players who fall tend to be forced to take less money.

Basically going over slot lets teams in the bottom of the draft draft like they are in the top 10.
He still went in the first round. The Yanks sign guys in the 5th - 10th rounds for 750K+ and more quite frequently. Porcello was a first round talent who went in the first round and negotiated for himself more than slot. But the real problem is when the rich few get 1st/2nd round talent in the 5th-10th rounds.

This is a pretty good (although old) summary of the topic.

I don't have much a problem paying a 1st rounder big money. Porcello is a good example. (I wouldn't want my team to pay that much for a HS pitcher - but I understand why a team would But it bothers me when teams sign a guy in the mid rounds and pay him like a first rounder. Jeff Samardszia is an example - drafted in the 5th round, but given a deal with a signing bonus that, according to Cot's ( amounts to 7.25m if he doesn't play football.
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