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Originally Posted by Save McCuddy's View Post
It's entirely possible that Allen could produce impressive numbers and make the traded look worse than it was. He already began to in hitter friendly Reno last summer. The BOB with National League pitching may help to exasperate that condition when he makes the major league club this year.

However, the thing that bothers me most is that the player we targeted in the deal had shown no K rate prowess in 3 major league seasons and was already 27. Supposedly KW and one of our scouts "saw" something in him. Whatever it was, it doesn't appear to have been worth trading anyone who was within a year of being a major league regular.
Keep in mind that KW and Josh Byrnes (D'Backs GM) are good friends and therefore consistent trade partners. This goes back to when we shared a spring training complex for years; we know each others players, including minor leaguers, better than any two teams know each other.

This trade could easily have been borne of past considerations, or includes future considerations.
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