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Originally Posted by hdog1017 View Post
KW's job is to field a team to win the World Series, not to field a team to win the Double AA championship. KW seems to use his higher ranked prospects as trade bait.

I'd rather trade prospects to get studs like Peavy than hoping a prospect hits his ceiling rather than his floor.
That's right, however, the better prospects you have the easier fielding contending teams become. For one, you can trade better prospects for better players. Another is you can pay them peanuts and spend the saved money on big parts.

I think, and I take what Law says with a grain of salt, what his rankings say, is guys like Jordan Danks, Mitchell and Viciedo aren't very highly thought of throughout the scouting community, at least they aren't considered potential stars like a lot of fan message boards believe them to be. I do know Law likes Flowers.
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