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Originally Posted by JermaineDye05 View Post
By "shutdown reliever", do you mean a closer or like Matt Thornton in 2009 with the Sox/Carlos Marmol in 2008, a guy who comes in when you NEED a strike out regardless of the inning.
Maybe shutdown reliever isn't that right wording. His fastball sits around 94, so he isn't blowing it by guys, but it has good movement and decent velocity and he can get K's with it. His changeup is a good pitch as well, and he usually keeps it down in the zone. There is also some deception in his delivery according to many scouts. It's often written that he "knows how to pitch" and has a great feel for what he's doing, which you can take as you will. I think he could be a great 7th or 8th inning guy if he become a reliever, but I would imagine he ends up a starter.
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