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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
I agree to an extent. A tough sign doesn't mean a great prospect, and an easy sign doesn't have to mean a bad one. That said, I am interested to see where we spent compared to our peers this year (can't find the 2009 info). We are normally in the bottom 10 in spending. I believe this approach HAS hindered our farm in the past.

I also agree, Mitchell was a guy we don't normally waste time on. But he is also a guy we normally don't develop well. That scares me. He has more tools then home depot, I agree. But we have had projects before that we couldn't put together. Mitchell will be a true test of the teams strength in developing guys, because to be a Carl Crawford type MLB force, we have to be able to break his swing down and then rebuild it.
And he has the tools to do that.
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