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Originally Posted by Craig Grebeck View Post
Our system is certainly bottom five in all of baseball, but I'm at least encouraged by the drafting of position players like Mitchell and Thompson. While Jared was an easy sign, I don't think that should be a point of criticism against KW.
I agree to an extent. A tough sign doesn't mean a great prospect, and an easy sign doesn't have to mean a bad one. That said, I am interested to see where we spent compared to our peers this year (can't find the 2009 info). We are normally in the bottom 10 in spending. I believe this approach HAS hindered our farm in the past.

I also agree, Mitchell was a guy we don't normally waste time on. But he is also a guy we normally don't develop well. That scares me. He has more tools then home depot, I agree. But we have had projects before that we couldn't put together. Mitchell will be a true test of the teams strength in developing guys, because to be a Carl Crawford type MLB force, we have to be able to break his swing down and then rebuild it.
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