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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
Truth is we just jumped the gun. People were so excited to not have one of the 3 worst farms in baseball, they didn't stop to realize having a bottom 10 farm still isn't that good.

The drafts have slowely improved, but its still all about signability versus talent which is tough to swallow. You look at our first rounders, outside Gordon who was just slot pick, its always about who the easy sign is. I wasn't in love with this years drafts, and while with baseball you can't grade it until the future, most scouting sites/scouts weren't impressed by this draft much, a lot of words like AVERAGE, grades like B-/C etc.
It's not all about signability. Trayce Thompson was not a signability pick. Mitchell was picked because he's a toolshed. They are both high-risk picks, unlike Kyle, Lance, Josh, etc.
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