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Originally Posted by SoxSpeed22 View Post
We still have a long way to go with these guys. It's only year 2 of the supposed 'rebuilding.' The talent disparity between AAA and AA really showed this year. I figure it would take at least 2 more years before we could have a great system from top to bottom.
This year's draft should make a big difference. I can't think of the last time the Sox signed so many draft picks... Morgado would have really made it a great draft, but not everyone is ready to pass up college to go pro.

The system is thin at the top, especially in pitching, but things are certainly looking up.

I thought Hudson would be much better rated, the guy went through all 3 levels and looked like he belonged at the big league level. I'd go A- for that. Then again, I'd rather see him turn out to be a top-to-mid rotation guy than what happened to some of past season's A rated prospects...
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