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Originally Posted by JohnTucker0814 View Post
Also, who do you guys think Morel has the capabilites of being?

Look at these stats from a top 3B playing today:

Rookie: 4 hr 17 rbi 9 sb .300 ave
A: 11 hr 93 rbi 21 sb .266 ave
A Adv: 15 hr 75 rbi 19 sb .270 ave
AA-AAA: 18 hr 57 rbi 22 sb .341 ave


Rook & A: 6 hr 27 rbi 12 sb .318 ave
A Adv: 16 hr 79 rbi 25 sb .281 ave

BTW... that top 3B minor league numbers are: DAVID WRIGHT!

I tried to look up scouting reports on Wright, but could only find current reports, not the ones that were out when he was drafted #28 in round 1 for the Mets.
Wright put up those numbers coming out of high school; Morel had 3 years of college. I like Morel a lot, but he isn't a David Wright by a mile.

Come to think of it, the person I would compare him to at this point in Morel's development is...Joe Crede. I think Morel will be a better hitter and faster on the basepaths but with a little less power than Crede.
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