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Originally Posted by moochpuppy View Post
The Rays have been pretty good at this. Keep an eye on Jeremy Hellickson.
I picked up Hellickson in my Dynasty League at the end of the year to hold on to him. Crazy amount of strikeouts!

Also, here are the up to date stats on Danks & Morel:


Danks: .343/.505/.963 3 hr 23 rbi 20 bb 26 K 26 games

Morel: .435/.565/1.020 2 hr 11 rbi 4 bb 7 K 16 games

Here are Flowers & Beckahm's stats from last year:

Flowers: .387/.973/1.433 12 hr 23 rbi 10 bb 22 K 20 games
Beckham: .394/.652/1.119 3 hr 13 rbi 8 bb 14 K 18 games

I like how Danks is driving in some runs. He does strikeout a lot, but it looks like he gets the basehits when needed!
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