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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post

With the sleeper catcher coming out of Venezuela and Phlegley as a #2 draft pick this year already at prospect #13, I wonder if Kenny might dangle Flowers as trade bait this offseason...

Flowers wasn't impressive with the big club, but had a good season in the minors, so I'm not ready to give up on him yet, but I can't see any way he'd be replacing A.J. in 2010.

Also, I think Hudson has a bigger upside at this point than Richard had at the same time last offseason.
Phegley and Rodriquez aren't even close to sure things, and are very far away.

Flowers has by all accounts improved dramatically behind the plate, and should be an adequate catcher. His stick is one of a slugger. He is going to strikeout a bunch, walk alot, and hit for power. He will be hitting for a low average with a high OBP and power to make up for it. A comp that is thrown around alot is Mike Napoli.

I think Flowers will be starting at the beginning of 2011, but wouldn't be surprised if he is called up sometime in 2010. This all depends on him not being traded of course.
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