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Here are some Sox-centric questions from the chat (the transcripts are viewable without subscription):
Kevin (London): Do you think Viciedo will become a productive major league player? An unimpressive slash line combined with poor scouting reports about defense/body type make it seem unlikely at this point, no? Sure, it's early, but there's little room for optimism outside of a small second half sample size and good reports about bat speed. Kevin Goldstein: There's also a pretty telling track record of Cuban players really struggling in their first year over in Estados Unidos. I still have some faith there, but he has to get into better physical condition.

Kevin (London): Thanks, KG. Have you heard much about Brent Morel's defense? He was voted the best defensive 3B in the Carolina League -- and the significance of that is debatable -- but Buddy Bell has been pretty positive. Could Morel hope to become a left-handed Pedro Feliz if all goes well?
Kevin Goldstein: He's a solid to plus defender. Make the plays he gets to, and great fundamentals. He's nowhere near to Feliz defensively. Feliz is among the best of the generation there.

Eric (Memphis): Kevin, has Tyler Flowers' defense improved this year to the point where there are far fewer questions about his ability to stay behind the plate?
Kevin Goldstein: Absolutely.

Mike (Chicago): To follow up on your answer to the Tyler Flowers question, if Flowers stays at catcher, does he max out as a solid regular, or is the potential higher than that?
Kevin Goldstein: I don't think he's be huge, but he'll be an above-average regular with power and patience making up for a lower batting average. Dude's swing is loaded with holes.

bkmhoxx (KC): How far behind Carlos Santana is Flowers?
Kevin Goldstein: Pretty darn far. If Santana was the kind of hitter he is and only played first base, he'd be a pretty special prospect, but he's a CATCHER.

martin (Leeds (England)): Jordan Danks, very impressive in the AFL, is that down to his injury healing up?
Kevin Goldstein: That, and the fact that it's Arizona, where everyone hits.

Rob (Rockford, IL ): Have you ever seen a prospect have a year like Dan Hudson?? What can we expect for an encore? Does he have any upside left?
Kevin Goldstein: It's funny. Like I wrote, he exploded, but many scouts also think he's close to maxed out.

Nick (IL): Before the draft, one prominent prospect site said scouts saw some of Mike Stanton in Trayce Thompson. Is that crazy talk?
Kevin Goldstein: It's a TON to dream on, but boy is it risky.
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