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Originally Posted by oeo View Post
He said 'many', not 'most.' There is a difference, but I'd like to know how much 'many' is? He later says 'some' scouts think he doesn't have much more room for growth? How many is 'some'? What do the rest think? You're rating him as a four star prospect, there has to be someone out there that likes his future.
Probably depends on what you see as a bright future. He has a lot of potential to be a serviceable to good Sp in the MLB. But does he have the potential to be a front of the rotation starter to ace? I think that is what the scouts are questioning. I kinda see him as a really good #3 starter that could peak at a #2, but I doubt he will the kind of pitcher you can build a rotation around.
Of course this is only based on the few innings I saw him pitch this year so I could easily be wrong.
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