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I ran midget racecars there late 97 into 99. The series that I was with was NAMARS and they ran a few shows there every year. The man who made it all possible was Kenny Allison. He had been associated with IndyCar Racing and a bunch of other stuff for a long time. Besides being the ****tiest place to race (stuffing a bull ring into a ballpark was the stupidest idea ever....EVER) the neighborhood really sucks. We were told in the pit area to hit the transporters and don't leave em till you get just west of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.....PERIOD. I hated running there, but since it was championship points you had to run there. God I was happy when that place folded for racing. I saw many cars torn to crap because there was no symmetry to that place and absolutely no banking in the corners. The surface sucked for dirt midget car racing because you need at least a 3 foot base for the clay surface. It had about 6 inches. As the race wore on.....huge holes would open up equaling even bigger problems for cars and drivers.

The thing that killed the racing there was Kenny the idiot thought that they could cover a $140,000 purse. They thought that they could get cars from all over to show up. Sizzle turned to fizzle as only about 60 showed, including yours truly. No fans came, the payouts were adjusted to the gate, the prize money sucked and I know more than a few car owners lost five figure money for 4 nights of pure hell, hot weather, and tons of rain. That killed the track, and thank God it did. I don't remember it being used for any other type of racing other than the 1/4 mile oval.

I hope that people's best memories come from baseball, not the ill-fated attempt at small time gone big bust racing.

Only pics I found of the place in racing mode: this last one has tons of gives you a good idea of the conditions and the shoehorning it took to get that thing in there.

Hope you enjoyed today's history lesson. It is one I thought I'd never do on WSI.
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