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I live no more than a 5-6 min. drive from the stadium and to answer the question abt. the road in the outfield, it's because following the team leaving, they turned it into a place where they ran some sort of derby car races (I honestly have no idea what it was... just some sort of racing). In fact, if you drive by now, there's still an advertisement up for it outside of CF.

I think it's really cool that someone put these up because I've tried to get into the stadium a couple times in the past few months. Unfortunately, it's pretty well secured, and frankly, it's pretty sketchy. Lots of the windows have been broken by people throwing things through them, graffiti everywhere, and just overall "dark". It's really, really sad... especially seeing those pictures of inside the park. I don't know what it is, but old stadiums always make me sad and left with weird feelings. I felt the same way after driving by Detroit stadium after the past couple of years... especially as you could see into the stadium from the road. Just wish I could have seen the places in their primes. Weird to think that so many people (including the great players) used to go there and now they're just abandoned.
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