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Originally Posted by g0g0 View Post
I lived in Indy for a number of years (still live close) and they've used it for lots of different things since the Indians moved out like parking for IUPUI and mud racing. I just don't see any good uses for it right now. Plus it's just outside of the main downtown area which scares off a lot of people. Loved the signs though!
From what I've read it was in disrepair the last several years of it's existence as a baseball park. In fact because of the conditions it was judged beneath the standards of ML baseball. If it was in bad shape 14+ years ago, it's way beyond that now too. The city owns it, and even if they were inclined to repair it, it's got asbestos issues and other issues that would make any rehab project quite expensive. Not everything can be saved.

Oh and Don Buford (photo hanging to the right of Al Lopez) began his major league career with the Sox.


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