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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
Are you saying 8-10 homer a year power or 15-20?

He has the frame for it, but honestly, it has NEVER come. He was one of the top prospects out of high school with the idea the power was on the verge of coming. The Reason he was just there in the 5th, not a steal, just there, was the power never came. Some thought it would in the minors, thusfar it hasn't. It is entirely possible he will develop some power, but I don't even expect him to have Rowand power of 20 homers a year. The kid is going to make or break his career by managing to get on base at a high clip, run well, steal bases, and hit a **** ton of doubles. He can do it, just will need time.
He's only had 1 season in the minors so far and it was marred by a wrist injury.

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