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Originally Posted by JermaineDye05 View Post
Here's another article on Danks, this one by Levine:


I have to say I find it a little unsettling that the picture shown is one of Brent Lillibridge.
What's creepier is that those two posted eerily similar numbers:
Lillibridge: .252 .339 .358 (AAA only)
Danks II: .243 .337 .356 (AA only)
I literally shuddered when I noticed this striking similarity. Maybe Levine saw this too and determined Jordan Danks and Brent Lillibridge are the same person, just under different aliases. Maybe that's why Kenny "added" Lillibridge in the Vazquez trade.

P.S: That color is teal, right?
EDIT: Thank you, Daver and EMachine for correcting me. Fixed the colour now.

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