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Originally Posted by Craig Grebeck View Post
What the hell does his salary have to do with his arrival in the majors? If anything, the fact that we've put to much money into him is evidence that he won't be here until he's ready.

He's shown flashes but I don't expect to see him until mid-2011, in all honesty. If he makes drastic improvements I'd expect a September call-up this season.
I think he is saying that Viciedo is making a lot of money for a minor leaguer (4 yrs/10 mil) Dayan's contract is very misleading because it looks like Sox are paying him 2.5 mil per year, but that may not be the case. According to Cot's Baseball Contract 4 mil of that 10 mil is signing bonus which I am to led to believe has been paid already. Aside from that, he will make at most 2.5 mil but that's in 4th year and he should be up here by then. Anyways, I agree that the earliest Viciedo will be here will be 2011. His defense is atrocious and he hasn't shown enough power to make anyone forget about his poor plate discipline. His batting average is decent, but that's a useless and meaningless statistic anyways.
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